Thursday, 5 November 2009


it's thursday and i have been at work all day.... and i don't usually work thursdays! it's put me right out of kilter.... and i'm at work tomorrow too. Big boos all round!! I'm in a grump.... because of the work scenario, but also because of our dog situation. We sadly had to say goodbye to Pip last weekend, and we are, yet again, dogless, trying eagerly to find one but to no avail. In fact it seems to be so difficult I am wondering whether it may be easier to try and adopt a child, I would probably have more luck! I won't go into details but I'm finding it all very frustrating. ok, i'll shut up now before i get cross again.
I have managed to do some more sketchbook work though this week, see above. Nothing majorly inspirational, just a bit of relaxing doodling, filling some pages, letting the pen go wherever, quite nice and enjoyable really!!

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