Thursday, 31 December 2009

lists and stuff

Well I know my posts have been a bit scarce recently due to all the comings and goings of the festive period. We have had a busy one so are looking to have a quiet New Year just chilling out.
After Christmas I had a look over my 'list of things to do' that I made this time last year and I'm pleased to say I have done over half of them so its now time to make my list for 2010. I like the idea of a list instead of resolutions, I think I said the same thing last year. So, I'll not bore you with the details of my list, there are a few things on there that I have carried over that I didnt manage to do, like flying a kite and doing something for charity, but there are also quite a few 'sooziebee' items, of things I want to do with my business.
I have started re-reading a couple of craft business books, Craft Inc by Meg Mateo Ilasco and also Craft and Art, The Business by Elizabeth White, which are both fantastic books for getting your head around things you need to do. I have even started re-writing a business plan, and listing (lists again....) the things I need to do to give my business some 'oomf'!! After a few months of feeling like things were going nowhere I seem to have regained some of my enthusiasm and drive to want to start and make things happen!! Yey!!
Another book I wanted to tell you about is The Creative License by Danny Gregory which I have just bought for myself. It had some fab reviews on Amazon so I thought this would be just what I needed to get creative for the start of the New Year. Watch this space and I will let you know what it's like...
And before I sign off my last post of 2009, I just want to wish you all a peaceful, healthy and prosperous New Year, thanks once again for reading, seeya next year xoxox

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Have a Happy Christmas

Well, I can't believe it's time for another Christmas Holiday, tomorrow is my last day at work, and due to general busy-ness my blog posts have all but dried up for this year. I just wanted to wish everyone a peaceful and relaxing Christmas and New Year and I will see you all again in 2010. Thanks for reading, and thanks for your comments and company, will see you soon x x x

Saturday, 12 December 2009

love a cuppa

Love a cuppa is my newest print, limited editions of ten only for the blues and the autumn colours. It will be in my Folksy shop very soon, and would be the perfect present for someone who loves a good old natter over a cuppa tea!

Ok, blatant self-promo over... I have been playing around with creating some new colour palettes from some photos I have taken of rocks and leaves and things. I think the best, and most unexpected, colour combos come direct from Mother Nature herself, and I always love to use them. If you need a bit of colourful inspiration check out this blog, its amazing!!

Friday, 11 December 2009


After my dip in motivation and creativity I have been doing a lot of thinking and have come back raring to go again. I have spent today in the studio and have got lots of my to-do list done. One of my things 'to-do' was to try and see what my black and white bird pictures looked like in colour, as black and white was starting to get just a little bit 'over-done'! See above what a splash of colour and photoshop can do. I just wish I could do the same to the English sky today, it's over cast, grey and decidedly chilly!!
Anyhoo, this new print 'Falling' will be available in my Folksy shop this afternoon. You can find it here.

Thursday, 10 December 2009

on tv!!

crap pictures I know, but how exciting, my christmas cards on the telly! Today, the BBC local TV show did a feature on the Design Circus shop in West Bridgford. There was a camera crew and presenter there, but they had all gone by the time I arrived to do my shift at 3pm. But I did manage to watch the feature when I got home, and there was about 5 mins of footage, featuring work by lots of the designer-makers taking part. The last sequence was a shot of my Christmas cards..... I was soo proud!! You can see the feature here, scroll thru to about 13 minutes
If you want to know more about pop-up shops there is a fab article here.

Sunday, 6 December 2009

sunday folksy find

Wow, get a load of these beautiful christmas cards i found this evening on Folksy. They are by Linokingcards and you can find the shop here and they are all done from lino prints. I love them!! AS well as cards you can also find coasters and keyrings, but it's the cards that are my favourites! There are some autumnal ones such as this one, which I love too, go on pop over and have a look.

Sunday Folksy Frenzy

After a lovely weekend I have decided to get listing some new items in my Folksy shop. They are limited edition prints, all printed with artival Epson inks onto hig quality white textured card (similar texture to watercolour paper). You can visit my shop here.

Thursday, 3 December 2009

UK handmade Feature

The Winter UK Handmade magazine is now ready to read, click here to have a gander, and there is a feature on Nottingham Craft Mafia and one of my bird pictures too!!

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

autumn birds - new print available

Just listed in Folksy here as I'm feeling like I haven't listed much lately (and have been wondering why nothing has been selling.... durr.... isn't rocket science is it!!)

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

positive action

I can't be doing with feeling all fed-up and frustrated, so the thing to do is.... do something positive. And I can tell you, it's just a little thing but it has put me in a much better mood. I have listed two new prints on Folksy, my Love Teapots and Love Teacups, in a beautiful selection of neautrals. Find them here and here.
And as I'm feeling all positive, the first person to order can have the other print for free!!! First come first served!!

frustrationville, that's where I'm at...

Oh yes I am!!! I had the opportunity this week for two whole days in my studio, and I hate to admit I feel as though I have totally wasted them!! I sat there wondering what to do, trying to put my thoughts and ideas into some kind of order and trying to decide what I wanted to start. I even got all my old college sketchbooks out and had a look thru them to kick start my creativity. And finally, by day two, I had made a decision (ok, I admit I didn't fully waste day 1, i was doing Christmas stuff, special treats for special people).

Eureka moment (!) and I decided I was going to start getting some ideas down for a series of childrens birthday cards, (you know the ones with how old they are on them?). I fancied doing some printing, as I haven't done any for ages, and so thats what I did! I had a brand new sketchbook to fill with my ideas and sketches and prints. But the day just didn't work out how I expected and I am left feeling completely uninspired, frustrated, in a crap mood and a bad-temper, (WITH MYSELF!!!). It seems like every day I try to spend time in the studio I end up feeling like this. I feel like I am putting myself under too much pressure and then not enjoying the whole creative process as a result. What on earth is wrong with me??? And what can I do to stop myself feeling like this? Does anyone else know what I mean or am I really going a bit bonkers?? It seems I'm always harping on about feeling this way about my work, sometimes I wonder if I should just give it up.... but then I'd have a studio at the top of the garden staring at me as well as a pile of empty sketchbooks smirking and sniggering in the cupboard!! Blinking eck, someone give me a shake or just a reality check at least (if not, a great big kick up the arse will do!!)

But, on a more jovial festive note, we now have our Christmas tree (a small one in a pot, so the new dog isn't tempted by all our lovely baubles), and my husband is upstairs whistling carols and listening to Scrooge on the radio!! Ahhh!!