Sunday, 24 January 2010

been away...

in my caravan... to Castleton, and it's been great. We have been looking forward to getting away in our new caravan for a while now, and this weekend we enjoyed it for all of the reasons we bought it for... ie. being able to go camping in the cold weather and rain and to be warm, dry and comfy. We walked up Mam Tor and got some amazing views from the top, the clouds cleared and we watched some paragliders (if thats what they are called??), flinging themselves off the top of the mountain and riding the currents.

Mac enjoyed the weekend too, and he settled amazingly well, no pacing, barking or silly behaviour (well, apart from sneaking onto the bed BOTH nights!!), he did us proud, and will definitely be joining us on our future camping weekends!!

Sketchbook posts have been a bit scarce this last couple of days but here is my latest offering, the view from our window over the weekend. Not brilliant, but it will do. More sketching this afternoon, a cosy Sunday in front of the fire.... ahhhhhh!


Karen Faulkner said...

At first glance, I thought maybe that was you flinging yourself off the top of the mountain! :) Lovely sketch. I plan on relaxing with my sketchbook today as well.


Lovely sketch and pics from your weekend.

Have a fun sketching week ahead.