Friday, 8 January 2010

new cards and the inside of my cupboard

I have been ahead of the game this year and am printing my Valentine Cards early to put in my Folksy shop and another local outlet where I stock my work. These are two new designs which you probably haven't seen before.

And welcome to the inside of my craft cupboard, this is an exercise from the super Danny Gregory book I bought the other week, The Creative License. It was a simple line drawing of a complicated subject, getting you to look at size/shapes of objects in relation to one another. It was quite enjoyable to do, and had been done with a bog-standard ballpoint pen.

It has been great to sit and draw without thinking of an end product, it really takes the pressure off and makes drawing a completely enjoyable and relaxing experience. So another lesson learned for me. Sometimes its good to not know where you are going and why, just enjoy the journey there and see where you end up.


Karen Faulkner said...

Wonderful sketch!

Melissa said...

Oh! I should get that book! I have An Illustrated Life by him. I'm always running out of ideas about what to draw. So you think that book could help?