Wednesday, 6 January 2010

snow place like home!

my next little picture in my sketchbook, which was a quickie the other night, of a random lemon and tomato stalk in the kitchen!! I missed yesterdays sketch as I got stuck at work due to the snow, and had to stay over night with one of my colleagues, the consolation being I drank wine and ate curry, and didn't have to get out of bed this morning until 8am, and I still got there early. It's a nightmare on the roads especially when you have an obligation to get somewhere, although the countryside does look beautiful. I'm out and about on foot tomorrow so will take some snaps to show you. It's just been on the news that this is the longest cold spell since 1981, when I was a wee girl on the farm, with snow drifts you could get lost in and icicles as long as your arm!!

But now I am HOME, hence the cheesy title of this post, I'm so pleased to be home, because I can have a look thru my new books, which you can see here.....

I have gone a bit mad with the books I know, ordering four in total to get me onto new tracks and kick-start my creativity. If all of these don't help then I think I'll be despairing, although I'm feeling very positive already. I'm just going to grab my sketchbook now for a few quick 10 min sketches so at least I can say I have done something today...
Ooh, and to add to the good news I got a mention on the lovely blog Indie Quarter, which you can read here, thanks to Jenny for the mention

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