Thursday, 14 January 2010

the spaces between - part two

no picture this time, just words... the spaces between first post got me thinking as the day has gone on, and a friend of mine who said he would love to sketch but hasn't the time. There is a chapter in the Danny Gregory book, The Creative License, called 'But I Don't Have Time to Draw' where he lists times during the day where you 'could' draw if you really wanted to, such as when you're watching the news, on the phone, in the bath etc, and also things in your daily life you could do without, such as watching tv as much, surfing the net, or staying in bed as long in the morning!!

And that got me thinking (i know I have done a lot of thinking today), about the spaces in between the things we do every day, and how if we just rationalise how we spend our time, minute by minute, we can make a few gaps here and there for the odd sketch. Before I started reading his book, I never thought I would have the time to sketch every day (I think maybe I was just a bit scared I couldn't do it anymore and was making a big fat excuse to myself) but in reality I have. So I hope that I can persuade any closet sketchers out there that even if you think you haven't time, just do a two minute ickle drawing each day, and hopefully this will lead to more!! Go on, I dare you, give it a try!!


Karen Faulkner said...

It's true, I started doing it while my coffee or tea is brewing!

Jesse said...

So true! I've started sketching with a pen that's 'too thick' for my taste, because it forces me to draw fast and not worry about how the drawing will turn out. I can see a difference in my drawing already.

..:.lab.:.. said...

I think you are doing really well! - I bought the book this time last Christmas and didn't last this long. You have inspired me though - I am going to get off the computer (I have been on it all day!) and sketch something however rubbish it is.
Thanks, Lx