Thursday, 14 January 2010

the spaces between

this was an exercise in 'negative spaces', (ie drawing what 'is not' the subject!!) and looking at how they relate to each other and the object. This one I found quite relaxing to do as it was just based on the basic shapes of our Kenyan soap stone sculpture, and it was amazing how these shapes changed when viewed from different angles.
I'm a day behind now, as I didn't get any sketching done yesterday as I was so busy at work and then had dog-training class last night. So today I will catch up, once all of my jobs have been done (walking the dog, buying food for dinner, tidying, phone calls for an event I am helping to organise). Plus I have a weekend of drawing planned with my sis, so next week I should have plenty of my 'back to the drawing board' project to show you.

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