Sunday, 17 January 2010

two sisters, two sketchbooks, a Ford Ka, and a coin!!

So, I had a great time with my sister and you are probably wondering what on earth the title of this post means!! Well, we went out yesterday for a good old girlie day, just me and my sister, and had a look around Corbridge (beautiful village in the Tyne Valley not far from where my sis lives and where we are going for a weeks hol very soon) and then we went off to Newcastle to have a look around a few galleries, Northern Print and The Biscuit Factory.

Then we came to a standstill, we were out to have a day sketching and didn't know where to start.... so we ended up playing a little game!! We didn't really want to venture out of the car for too long as it was sooo cold, so we played 'heads go right, tails go left' and drove around town for a couple of hours, stopping in random places and drawing what you see out of the window. We even set ourselves a different task for each stop, three and five min drawings, three pics from three different windows of the car (which was quite funny, as I got stuck between drivers seat and back seat - ok, have you seen how big a Ford Ka is???), swapping pens, continous line drawings, etc etc etc. You might think it all sounds a bit mad/sad but it was a right old laugh. We ended up at the Quayside in Newcastle, where we probably stayed a bit longer than we should have, in a parking spot we probably shouldn't have been in, but the views down there are something else!! And people watching was good fun too. I need more practice at drawing people, esp moving ones!! Will save that task for next time.

All in all, a great weekend, rounded off by seeing my nephew in his first pair of proper shoes!! And then a long drive home and a Sunday roast, and cuddles from my man and my dog!!

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