Friday, 19 February 2010

angles and demons

ha, see what I did there? I'm still working on this thing of trying to draw the same object from different perspectives. This one was quite quick and easy, a tube of handcream isn't the most challenging thing to draw, but i thought i'd gve it a try all the same!

Anyway, I'm feeling lots better now, almost human again, after lots of rest, sketching, vitamins, fruit and veg and sleep.

And I may have some more news to tell you in a wee while... I have recently been approaching more retail outlets regarding stocking my work, and I think there is going to be some good news in the pipeline soon... watch this space!! Have a good weekend everyone.


VintageMilly said...

Yay that's excellent news about the retailers, lots of luck to you,

Anonymous said...

Hello :0)

I've just awarded you the sunshine award :)