Saturday, 6 February 2010


this is the latest sketchbook offering, trying to practice doing people, umm, may need more practice!!

Good news today I sold my first 'big' piece of textile work at one of the shops where I have my work, and to say I'm really pleased would be an understatement! It has given me a boost, at a time when I could really do with it, and has made me think about how I want things to be. I have been spending too little time 'making' and 'designing' new work and too much time on other ventures, and I think that has resulted in a loss of focus, and things have all got a bit blurred!! I only get a couple of days a week to spend on my 'business' so I need to maximise this and make the most of it to be as productive as possible. I think this is going to involve cutting back the time I spend on other things, however much I enjoy them, and concentrate more on taking my work further!

So... how do I do that?? Answers on a postcard....

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Karen Faulkner said...

Great sketches. Congratulations on selling the textile piece!