Tuesday, 16 February 2010


As some of you will know I started 2010 by treating myself to the amazing Danny Gregory book 'The Creative License'. I'm still following it and slowly filling up my sketchbook with my sketches of things around me.
One of the things that the author of the book says is that you should never feel as though you have nothing to draw. When I used to be in the mood for sketching I would sit there wondering what to draw, feeling completely uninspired and end up drawing nothing! Reading this book has made me realise that no-one should ever be able to utter those words. Just take a look around you, in your lounge, kitchen, sock drawer, bathroom cabinet, garden, fridge... I could go on, but I won't!! There are literally thousands of things to draw all around you.
So this is my latest sketch of one of my hair-clips, nothing earth-shatteringly amazing about a boring old hairclip, but when you draw somthing that you would normally just take for granted, you get to really see the way the light reflects off the metal clasp, the tiny indentations, the way the screw fits into the mount, and the way that black isn't always black if you just take the time to see... I guess you could apply this to many things in your life, but I'm not going to get too philosphical on you... I'm still full of cold and don't feel the inclination towards philosphy today. I'll have a lemsip and piece of cake instead!!

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