Tuesday, 23 February 2010

hands are hard to draw

But I'm not as scared of drawing them as I used to be. I think this is part of my new artistic confidence I have gained since I started sketching on a more regular basis. I am finding that I'm not as daunted by the things I used to run a mile from!! I am definitely an advocate of 'practice makes perfect' and altho I have a long way to go, and probably will never reach 'perfection' I really am happy with the new skills I am developing and the way my sketches are improving. I'm about half way thru my sketchbook now, and I can see a definite change from the first few pages to present. It's going in the right direction!
Just one thing I wanted to say about this sketch, I seem to have given myself a french manicure, and tidied up my wrecked finger nails for public viewing!!

1 comment:

Gracie said...

Pretty manicure!..ha ha
Sketches look great.I too hate drawing hands..but there are only so many times you can put a person's hands behind their back. Happy sketching!