Monday, 22 February 2010

i love my iron

Those of you who know me well will know I am rather averse to spending my free time on domestic chores... in my opinion there are much more important things in my life than cleaning windows and dusting. Don't get me wrong my house is generally quite clean and tidy but if I had the choice of say, spending the day out walking the dog, reading a book, gardening or cleaning windows I know what I'd choose!

BUT there is one exception in my general dislike of all things related to household chores and that is the ironing. Don't ask me why, I just like ironing... getting all the creases out and making everything look all nice and well.... ironed! Am i weird? I draw the line at ironing socks and knickers tho, unlike my strange sister in Italy!!

So this is my iron... again from a variety of perspectives...


High On Craft said...

Hi there. I followed your link from Karen Faulkner's blog. I think I'm going to try this sketching from different angles thing. It's good practice isn't it?!


Will you start a postal service please. I send you my ironing you send it back minus the creases? I can see that would really work out for me.
Love the sketches of late, thanks for keeping in touch.

Sam x

Flossy Bee said...

Ironed socks and knickers stack better in the drawer. Honestly, it creates more space!!! Am I really that wierd? xxx