Thursday, 4 February 2010

tired and emotional

ok, apologies for the crappy picture, i promise i will have something a bit more worthy to show you tomorrow. as for the title of this post, feeling a wee bit sorry for myself at the moment. every so often i wish the world would slow down a bit, so there was a bit more time for sleeping and relaxing and even talking. this week has been so busy i haven't had time to do anything other than eat and sleep, with only work in between. so this weekend i have the whole of it at home, with some studio time sprinkled in there for good measure as i haven't had a decent day in there this year. today i went to the studio, pulled out the sofa bed, whacked on the heating and went to sleep!!! Our boiler has broken... not a good time of year for this to happen as you can imagine... so it's a bit chilly in our cottage... spirits are a bit low.... i think we need some sunshine, good hearty soul-food and plenty of sleep!! BUT, on the bright side at least the studio is warm and cosy!!


Petal Textiles said...

Oh dear, hope you cheer up soon and manage to get the boiler fixed quickly. Enjoy your relaxing weekend!

Karen Faulkner said...

I like the drawing very much! Naps are good this time of year. We're expecting a snowstorm and I plan to use it as an excuse to go nowhere and do nothing except paint!