Wednesday, 17 March 2010

another work in progress

i just wanted to share with you some of my work in progress, my attempt at introducing more colour and another dimension to my 'bird' series'. I was bought a load of watercolour pads for Christmas by my sister and I have been trying them all out to see how the paint and paper work together, some watercolour paper really warps when it gets wet (does anyone know how to avoid this??)

I've had a really busy week this week at my day job, and am so glad it's now time for my sooziebee work, time to create. I'm off to see a new contact tomorrow at her studio and take some work over for her gallery. I'm very excited, and I'll post you some pictures when I return.
Hope you are all having a good week too...


Anonymous said...

hi sue! you need to wet your water colour paper and get some brown paper tape and wet that and apply it to the edges to tape it to a drawing board - I will need to invite myself over for coffee to show you! I have some of the tape in my studio - ooh actually here is a youtube video on how to do it - - it's a bit painful to watch as he does it so slowly but it is the best way to make sure your paper stays absolutely flat when you are painting on it!

Petal Textiles said...

Hi sue

Loving all the new work! You have certainly found your creative mojo again. Can't wait to see more.