Thursday, 18 March 2010


all done experimenting with the colour and the birds, this is the final result of my first finished picture... hmm, i think it will take me a while to decide whether or not to pursue this idea, i'm not sure i like it!! i really like the way the trees have turned out, but i'm not sure about the whole thing really, i think it looks a bit flat and boring (or is that just the mood i'm in today??).
i think i just need a break from it now so i'm going to go and read some of my new books i got the other day and try to decide what to do tomorrow. I'm contemplating having a day off 'studio-work' and doing some cooking, walking and maybe will do some general sketchbook stuff (yes, it's still ongoing, i'm filling up the pages nicely but haven't spent as much time on this as i would have liked lately, so maybe i will attempt my first bunch of daffodils!!). I'm feeling a little bit lack-lustre today, not sure why.... i keep pondering my lack of sales on folksy and wondering why?? if i come up with any answers i'll be sure to tell you!!


Karen Siddiqi said...

I really love it! I have been looking through all your pieces picking out just the perfect combination of prints to decorate my kitchen...LOVE!!

evolllove said...

sometimes it's good to stop for a moment, and have a while for yourself:) then, start working again with fresh look:)

i love that draw