Thursday, 4 March 2010

i like...

my two new framed textile landscapes, i just picked them up today from the framer, and here they are... ready to be sent to the shop and (hopefully) sold!! I think having a piece of artwork framed professionally, although it can be more costly, always makes it look so much nicer than a DIY-job (well this is true in my case anyway!!). So onwards with new work today and a day spent dans la studio, which has been nice.
I'm off to a Creative Greenhouse event tonight about 50 free or cheap things to do to promote your business. I will be blogging about what I have learned later in the week so I can share all of the useful knowledge I pick up, 'cos I'm nice like that you know!! Plus if you take a peek on the Creative Greenhouse website I'm featured right now!! How nice!!

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