Sunday, 7 March 2010

Judith Reece Exhibition in Whitby

wow, this is the kind of work I aspire to!!
I have been away in Whitby this weekend and whilst wandering thru the streets and lanes I found a gorgeous cafe, The Art Cafe, on Flowergate. What drew me to go and look inside was the fantastic textiles piece by an artist called Judith Reece which was in the window. On further exploration I found about 15 more of her pieces inside this gorgeous little cafe. If we hadn't had the dog with us I think I would have been tempted to order a hot chocolate and curl up on one of the comfy leather sofas and just sit and take in the sights on offer.
Judith's work is truly amazing, it is mostly landscape based, inspired by nature, hills, moors, rock pools, the sea. I found it really stunning the way she uses her own hand-dyed fabrics, layering them, cutting, stitching and burning them to reveal layers below, creating undulations, waves and skies in a way I can only admire, silvery delicate threads, soft ethereal colours... I could go on!! The end result I can only describe as 'magical' and it has to be seen in the flesh to be fully appreciated. When you find an artist like this whom you really admire I think its' great to spread the word and share your discovery with others.
You can check out her website and have a look for yourself or get a list of where you can find her work for sale.


Design Engine said...

beautiful work here Sue - love the unusual pinks and lime greens in the second pic...
I can see a lot of similarities in colour and texture of your abstract scenery. Lush!

Anonymous said...

I bought your piece in West Bridgford after being inspired by the Judith Reece exhibition in Whitby when I visited in November last year. Do you use the same techniques? Not really clued up on art, just like things that are different and especially drawn to colours and textures. My favourite was one that was in the Art Cafe window with all plums and heathers in a landscape.
Your picture is hanging in our dining room and we love it, the colours are so warm and cosy.

Many thanks

K Taylor

sooziebee said...

hi there, thanks for your lovely comments, and also I'm so pleased you love your picture. I think i use slightly similar techniques to Judith, although I use more wools and chunkier textiles than Judith delicate hand-dyed fabrics, I do adore Judiths work, and loved the Whitby exhibition, very inspiring. If you would like any more info please get in touch, i'd love a photo of the picture in its new home for my blog if you have one!! Kind regards, Sue