Tuesday, 9 March 2010

stuff out of my window, whitby

this was a quick sketch done on saturday over a glass of wine and a chat with one of my old college friends as she was cooking dinner, just an idle sketch or two of a beautiful church which was just outside the window of The Old Theatre holiday cottage we hired for the weekend. Not ground-breaking or anything but just nice and relaxed and part of what i want my sketchbook journal to be.
no business tips today, it's tuesday and i don't have a lot of time today. I can't believe that this year is passing so quickly. I'm feeling that old 'busy-ness' creeping up on me again (busy with nice things, don't get me wrong) but it still leaves me feeling that sometimes I don't want to be rushing round, constantly on the go. I just want to be still and quiet and alone in my studio or walking the dog or reading a book, and not feeling like i'm careering head-long into the next entry in my diary!! But like one of my very good friends says 'would I rather have an empty diary, with nothing to do all of the time, no friends to see, no places to go, no family to share my time with' and the answer to that is 'no, of course not'. I'm very lucky to have the life I have and the people around me to share it with, i just wish sometimes there were maybe a few more hours in the day or a few more days in the weekend to enjoy 'just being'...

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