Tuesday, 27 April 2010

blog hol

i'm having a break from blogging for a month or so to gather my thoughts and decide what i'm doing with 'sooziebee', blogging and my artwork, short and long term. I think I have ground to a bit of a halt lately, so rather than feel the pressure of having to do things I'm having a bit of time off from the non-essentials and just going to have some time to think and find my feet again. I've been thinking about lots of different options, probably thinking and over-analysing a bit too much, so when i have come to my conclusions i'll fill you all in on the details. i'll be back soon. promise!!


Karen Faulkner said...

Breaks are good. See you again soon!

Anonymous said...

Good luck gathering your thoughts. Combining creativity/business/everyday life and all the rest is very exhausting. Be kind to yourself and hope you're back to blogging and making art very soon xxx