Thursday, 8 April 2010

Inspiration boards and processes

Today I started a new project for a commission I am doing. I haven't done any work in a while so this a fresh new start and I want it to be good. So, whilst pondering how to begin I decided to hark back to the days of college projects and work through a logical process to get me into the flow again.

I started off having a look through my paper box for snippets of paper and patterns I thought might help me, and made a mood board or inspiration board (see above). I have three big noticeboards on the wall in the studio which are meant to be used for inspiration, but they have had the same things on them for so long I decided to clear one for my new work.

Let me just explain the project. I have been asked to create a painted canvas for the bedroom wall of an eight year old girl, main colours black white and pink. I have a strip of wallpaper to give me some ideas of colour and form and some inspiration for the design.

After immersing myself in my magazines, pattern books and my box of tricks (ie a whole lot of paper I have been collecting for the past three years) I got out a pencil (I had nearly forgotten what a pencil felt like!!) and started scribbling, really rough sketches, just getting as many ideas down on paper as I could. And when I felt myself getting stuck and repeating the same things I had a break and then came back to it later. Here are some of the pages from my sketchbook I thought I'd share. It's only in the baby stages but I have the basics of four or five ideas which I will take to my client and show her. Hopefully she will like at least one!!


Design Engine said...

Loving the look of your sketches and looking forward to how they progress onto canvas.

I just cleared my 'inspiration' boards in the studio last week too. Must be something in the air?!?!


Karen Faulkner said...

Your sketches look wonderful!

Wake and Bake said...

i love the style of your art. i'm moving soon and trying to create a really chic but classic room. your sketches are literally a perfect fit for the style of art i want in it.

evolllove said...

everytime when i was trying to draw that kind of stuff by myself i had a big problem to put ideas from my head to the paper. so frustrating :>