Sunday, 25 April 2010

they call me the wanderer....

hello there peeps, remember me? i'm the person who used to blog here quite regularly.. and i haven't posted in a wee while, the reason being I haven't been here. I have been in the land of no computers, sketchbooks, or internet (a refreshing change, I might add) and have been away in my caravan in sunny Norfolk. (well there are computers and internet in Norfolk of course, I was just making a conscious effort to avoid them, apart from checking the weather forecast!!)

Needless to say, after my last caravanning foray, I was slightly worried it was going to snow and we'd be stuck in our little van, but we have been mega-lucky and it has been sunny every day. We are rested, refreshed and relaxed.... back to work tomorrow for us both and back to 'sooziebee' at some point this month. My enthusiasm for my artwork is in the dumps at the moment so I have been having a break to try and get my mojo back (it does seem to disappear every now and then and I usually manage to find it, I just hope I do find it soon, it's been gone a while!!).
One thing I have to tell you about is that a while back I applied for a place on the Creative Nottinghamshire Mentorship scheme, run by our County Council. It's a year long scheme for people in the creative sector and it focusses on group meetings every few weeks, mentoring from some fantastic people and an exhibition opportunity at the end. I spoke to one of the lovely ladies who was on the scheme last year and it sounds like it would be just up my street. I really feel I need something to kick-start my creative drive again as it all seems to have ground to a halt. If I was lucky enough to get on the scheme I think it would give me something to focus on, and I'm badly in need of that at the mo!! So I got an email inviting me for an interview!! The interview is in a couple of weeks time, in front of a panel of interviewers (eek!) and it involves a group discussion with the other candidates (eek) and then an interview and the opportunity to show my work. Now this might sound easy-peasy to some of you, but the thought of it makes me feel slightly sick. I always feel really self-conscious and silly when I have to talk about my work, so if I'm going to go for this I REALLY NEED TO GET OVER IT!! Watch this space. I haven't sent the confirmation yet.... need glass of vino first!! Wish me luck!!


Karen Faulkner said...

Toasting you with a glass of vino! You'll be fab.

averilpam said...

Good luck with the interview/presentation, I think anticipating something like this is usually the worst part and once you get going you'll be fine. x