Wednesday, 19 May 2010

nearly done

So this commission is nearly finished. I did the really scary part tonight, putting the black paint on!! The first bit of pink onto a blank canvas was scary but the black was worse, one slip of the hand and it could all be ruined!! I used a really fine brush and black acrylic paint watered down a bit so it flowed a bit better and once I got the hang of it it was quite relaxing. I'm really pleased with this, and it's a step in a completely new direction for me, having never painted on canvas and never this scale (i think it's 40cm square). So it's nearly in the bag, just a few finishing touches tomorrow (I hope my client likes it!!)
So, I've been a bit quiet this week, due to the fact I've been quite busy at work, and have had things to keep me occupied during the evenings (like dog-training classes and gardening) but I have spent most of this evening in the studio, having got the whole place to myself.... armed with ipod, diet coke and paint brushes... it's been lovely. I now have to go and rewrite my to-do list as I have the luxury of two full studio days ahead of me and I want to be focussed and use my time well.... ummm, wonder how long I will spend reading blogs and tweeting??
ooh, and a bit of good news, I've been approached by a new gallery, about stocking some work, I'm very excited about it and will tell you more when I have more details... a clue though... it's at the other end of the country... 'sooziebee' is going 'national' baby!! Watch out the world!!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Soozie, just wanted to say I think the canvas is gorgeous and your cliet surely cant fail be to really happy, I remember when i was doing my visual arts and painting canvas that first bit the hardest but so relaxing when you get into it :o) hope you're well and love the new bird cards too, xxb