Saturday, 8 May 2010

slight seconds... free to a good home

i have been having a sort out in the studio this evening (need to be all clean and tidy before i start work, just can't work in a mess) and came across some 'slight seconds' of my prints (they are fine apart from I had to adjust the colours as I wasn't happy with a couple of them). All gone now people, thanks for the interest and i'll get them posted out soon.

Studio all clean and tidy now, so hoping to get in there tomorrow. I have made my to-do list (and was amazed to see I had done quite a few of the tasks on my last list in March so I'm feeling even more motivated than before) and am starting again tomorrow. I have three commissions I need to do before I can get on with the exciting new landscape work so tomorrow i'm going to get cracking, hopefully the studio will have warmed up by then!!


Handprinter said...

I've got a hand up here for the pistachio birds. What a lovely & generous idea. Glad you're feeling reinvigorated.Alison

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't say no to a berry birds print if they haven't gone all ready! I love your work & what could be better than an even more original, very slight second?!

Anonymous said...

I look forward to seeing what comes out of the nice clean workshop, fancy coming and giving mine a little freshen up???

averilpam said...

I'd like a berry birds if it is still available,
pam x