Thursday, 13 May 2010

Surface Gallery Call for Entries

As part of my plan for this year I decided to enter as many competitions/exhibitions as I could, and today I heard about one in Nottingham this summer. You can find out all about it here and you can also find out about what's on and what's happening there, well worth a look for those of you who are interested.
I have had a busy day today, I wanted to spend loads of time in the studio, but didn't due to the huge pile of washing that was attempting to escape the washing basket, the dog that needed a long walk, and going to buy sack of food for said dog.... ooh, yes and a few long chats with one of my sisters on the phone, which I could have classed as 'work' as we did talk about my webpage!! Then trying to sort out social networking pages and linkedin page for sooziebee (which again could be classed as work but just not the kind of work I had in mind!!) I also towed my caravan for the first time, and reversed it too (in the right direction, probable fluke!!), a bit of a test-drive in preparation for Glastonbury next month. So I'm quite proud of myself for that.
Other news, I met with a lovely lady yesterday from a Gallery near where I work, and she is very interested in exhibiting some of my work too. This is great news for me, and another little step towards my years goals for the business. SO all in all, a good week so far.

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