Tuesday, 22 June 2010

signing off for a week

as i have a small music festival to attend!! Yes, its finally come round and its Glastonbury this weekend, and like all Brits, I have become a bit weather-obsessed of late, checking the forecast every day, wondering whether to pack wellies or shorts and vests, and I'm pleased to say it's gonna be hot and dry for the weekend, so watch out for me on the telly, i'll give you a wave!!

Saturday, 19 June 2010

ok, so I have a question for you....

would you ever think (unless you knew the answer) that these two pieces of work could be by the same person??? The reason I ask is, as part of the Notts Creative scheme that I've just started, we were all chatting about our work, and one of the other participants was asking me how I would describe my work... after a bit of umming and ahhing... I decided that I can't really describe it in one word. Is it textiles/ilustration/fine art/art/design/craft?? It depends what I have just been working on as to how I would describe it.
How can I label my work when it is all so different? Is this a good thing? Will I be taken seriously as an artist if I produce a collection of work that all looks so different?? I suppose being part of this scheme is really starting to make me think about my work, and how I see it, how I see myself, and it's making me think more about how I even came to me here, at this point in time, making the things I am making and why I am even doing it?
I think even at college when I was doing my foundation course I struggled with this, I couldn't be pigeon-holed into illustration/surface pattern/textiles as I wanted to try it all, and didn't want to limit myself. I'd love to hear whether anyone else has come to this point with their work, and what you did, did you keep a broad base of practice or did you specialise and follow one path. AND i'm wondering whether I will ever decide what I really want to do, or whether I am already doing it.... blimey, not just one question for you... more like a whole lot of them!!

Friday, 18 June 2010

busy busy busy

this has been such a busy week I feel as though I'm in a complete spin!! I've had work, and then yesterday was spent at Gardeners World Live at the NEC in Birmingham (pics above, didn't take as many as I thought I would as I wasn't feeling tip-top at all and kept having to go and drink tea in the sunshine!!). But it was great to spend a day with my mam and my auntie and we spent a fair bit of cash and bought lots of lovely plants!! Today, to round off a hectic week, has been my second Notts Creative Day, which I have REALLY enjoyed, no scary presentations or talks, just a lovely relaxed day, sharing info, getting to know each other and finding out a bit about photographing our products. I'll share more later, it's time for some tea and serious down-time!! Have a good weekend!!

Thursday, 17 June 2010

production line

In order to try and save myself a bit of time, I'm trying to make my textile pieces in a 'sort-of' production line. I delved into the huge box of textiles I have accumulated in my studio (a throw-back to when my sister and I were going to start and make bags and cleared out an interiors shop of all their old sample books!!). It's full to the brim of all sorts of shapes, sizes and colours of material, that were once sorted into colours, and now are all jumbled. It does need sorting out and maybe some bits need throwing away (as much as I hate to say it).
Anyhoo, I digress... I found a lot of greens so decided to make use of them and I'm making a series of 'Summer Meadows' which may be finished by the end of the weekend. I'll share them with you when they are done, but this is a sneak peek into how they began...

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

tulip fields

which I finished on Tuesday. I have been very busy this week, with ideas for new work buzzing around my head. I have a trip to the Gardeners World Live at the NEC on Thursday (and its the Good Food Show too, yum!!). SO I'll have plenty of garden/flowery inspiration, I'm definitely taking the camera!

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

tulips from hamsterjam

no, not really jam made from hamsters, just our silly name for the great Amsterdam!! I've seen quite a few pictures of the tulip fields this year, on tv, blogs and doing research into colours. They have really inspired me to try my hand a reproducing the linear colourful effect with my textiles landscapes, I just need some brighter wool, as most of the stuff I have are more muted autumnal colours. Time to prise open the embroidery thread box, courtesy of my mother-in-law!!

Monday, 14 June 2010

made on sunday

here is the latest poppy textile landscape, made on sunday. I'm loving the way the frayed canvas reminds me of corn, it's really easy to manipulate and I really like the results. I think I have explored the poppy thing enough this weekend, I'm starting on some work inspired by pictures of the tulip fields in Amsterdam, very linear and colourful, you can see some pics of my first one tomorrow...

Sunday, 13 June 2010

made on saturday

feeling the love for poppy fields at the moment, these are the second and third of my poppy field series, made yesterday. I got my inspiration from these from my childhood, growing up on a farm, surrounded by rolling hills of golden corn, happy memories!! These will be going up for sale very soon. I'm planning to expand and develop them into something bigger too, so watch this space!!

Saturday, 12 June 2010


this sunny day is the perfect time to show you my poppy fields completed and framed, i think the richness of the wood works well with the colours of the golden corn fields.

You might be wondering about the title of this post, well, its an ahhhh of satsifaction and calm!!I'm at home this weekend having a wonderful time, getting jobs done, and starting new work, and I have the whole weekend to myself and am enjoying some valued 'me' time. As much I as LOVE my hubby, I think it's good to have time apart, it makes you appreciate each other more I think!! So I am immersing myself in my work, with no distractions and no-one else to have to consider!! Sounds really selfish when I put it like that..... don't get me wrong, I'm missing him but I am enjoying the solitude!! The novelty will probably have worn off by tomorrow, but that's ok, he's coming back tomorrow!!

These are some pics of some new work that has gone into Nottingham this very morning, lower priced limited edition prints to take the place of some of my originals, which are going on a little tour of the area this summer!!

Thursday, 10 June 2010

chair for sale

i wouldn't normally post about this but I have a chair for sale on ebay which you can see here, its collection only but if any of my notts readers want to have a look you can bid here
It's currenty taking up well-needed space in the studio and it needs to go to a good home very soon. have a good day

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

inspirational book review

I just wanted to share with you a book I am reading for the second time, it's the one above by good old Dragon, Duncan Bannantyne. It's packed with inspirational info for entrepreneurs, and includes case studies by oter business folk. The purpose of this book is to 'blow to pieces' the reasons we come up with why we can't do something, and makes you think you possibly can. It's realistic, simply written and very easy to read, taking you through DB's own history of how he built his empire, how you can realise your dreams, be happy working for yourself, practical aspects of business such as how to raise finance. I'm reading it for the second time, as I said, and am really inspired by it. I'm still thinking of the reasons why I can't do it, but hope this book will help persuade me of the possibilities open to me, and how I can perhaps change parts of my life for the better. I'm getting tired of working hard for someone else (in fact we both are), letting them profit from my hard toil, so if you are feeling like this too.... have a read!!

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

the old ones are the best...

here are some new additions to my vintage kitchen collection, teapot from ebay and plates and milk jugs from my mother-in-law. They will definitely provide me with some inspiration for future work on my kitchen range, and as far as I'm concerned the older the better!!

Monday, 7 June 2010

adding detail

the textile pieces are selling well, so I'm trying out new ideas and colour, sizes and fibres, and I've added some seed beads to one of my new pieces 'Poppy fields' to give an added dimension and something a bit different to my other work... I've been working away like a mad-woman last week, and got loads done, I'm really enjoying my new burst of enthusiasm, I've learned so much about myself over the past year, that I now think I can work better as I can take the good times with the not-so-good and am more accepting of my own limits. Good eh?
Feeling very positive!!

Sunday, 6 June 2010

studio changeover

this is what my studio looked like this morning before my sister put an idea into my head and made me think about working in a dark corner, and knowing that the layout of my studio just wasn't quite right..... soooo..... four hours later.....

This is what it looks like now, all changed, all by myself, and now I ache all over!! But on the plus side I now have my work area in a lighter part of the studio and I'm not stuck in the corner!!

It still isn't 100% how I want it, I have too much furniture (one wicker chair for sale on ebay now if you fancy a look) and too little storage space. But it it LOADS better than it was and I can start afresh this week and get some new work made! Hope you all had as good a weekend as I did...

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

heathery hills

another new piece inspired by the Northumbrian landscapes and moorlands. I love these new colours, and am trying to evoke moods and feelings in these new pieces, rather than an actual figurative representation of a landscape (ooh hoo, does that sounds a bit pretentious???) I think I have a lot more work to do to develop this series into something I'm really proud of, I think I need to get out and do some landscape sketching and some painting this week, and possible some research into landscape artists I am drawn to, and maybe I also need to make sure I'm carrying my camera with me everywhere I go so I can get plenty of research pics.... watch this space...

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

poppy fields experiment

new work made yeaterday afternoon dans la studio!! I'm thinking I like the idea of the poppies in the front, tres summery, and good to introduce some new colour, but i think this one needs more work, and possibly making on a larger scale before it goes for framing.