Saturday, 12 June 2010


this sunny day is the perfect time to show you my poppy fields completed and framed, i think the richness of the wood works well with the colours of the golden corn fields.

You might be wondering about the title of this post, well, its an ahhhh of satsifaction and calm!!I'm at home this weekend having a wonderful time, getting jobs done, and starting new work, and I have the whole weekend to myself and am enjoying some valued 'me' time. As much I as LOVE my hubby, I think it's good to have time apart, it makes you appreciate each other more I think!! So I am immersing myself in my work, with no distractions and no-one else to have to consider!! Sounds really selfish when I put it like that..... don't get me wrong, I'm missing him but I am enjoying the solitude!! The novelty will probably have worn off by tomorrow, but that's ok, he's coming back tomorrow!!

These are some pics of some new work that has gone into Nottingham this very morning, lower priced limited edition prints to take the place of some of my originals, which are going on a little tour of the area this summer!!

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Anonymous said...

Gorgeous as always hun, but really love the poppy fields, the black and whites look fab framed like that :o) yay for you!! xxb