Saturday, 19 June 2010

ok, so I have a question for you....

would you ever think (unless you knew the answer) that these two pieces of work could be by the same person??? The reason I ask is, as part of the Notts Creative scheme that I've just started, we were all chatting about our work, and one of the other participants was asking me how I would describe my work... after a bit of umming and ahhing... I decided that I can't really describe it in one word. Is it textiles/ilustration/fine art/art/design/craft?? It depends what I have just been working on as to how I would describe it.
How can I label my work when it is all so different? Is this a good thing? Will I be taken seriously as an artist if I produce a collection of work that all looks so different?? I suppose being part of this scheme is really starting to make me think about my work, and how I see it, how I see myself, and it's making me think more about how I even came to me here, at this point in time, making the things I am making and why I am even doing it?
I think even at college when I was doing my foundation course I struggled with this, I couldn't be pigeon-holed into illustration/surface pattern/textiles as I wanted to try it all, and didn't want to limit myself. I'd love to hear whether anyone else has come to this point with their work, and what you did, did you keep a broad base of practice or did you specialise and follow one path. AND i'm wondering whether I will ever decide what I really want to do, or whether I am already doing it.... blimey, not just one question for you... more like a whole lot of them!!


averilpam said...

I have the same trouble describing what i do - I spin and weave, make felt, make bags and make jewellery. At the moment I'm concentrating on the jewellery but even there I keep changing and evolving how I work and with which materials. I have no problem with it :)

Jo Want said...

Hey Sue!

You are not alone and I have been in the same boat since I started my doodle adventures.

I think it's important to showcase all of your creative talents (you have so many!) but one thing I have learnt over the past year is that it is important to be recognisable as a 'brand'.

I think it would be beneficial for you to 'stick' with one style to advertise and build up your name and brand but also keep your sub-ranges of work in the background for people to explore too. Does that make sense?

I recently spoke to someone about my website and my work and they were impressed with the variety of stuff I have in my past projects and commissions section of my website. People know me now for my Hello Sunshine style and collections but it doesn't mean I'll stop drawing animals and creating random collections when I fancy a change (they just won't be a focal point).

I really hope my waffle helps you as it's something I struggle with ALL of the time! Even with a strong style as an artist it's hard to control the urge to try and do everything :)

Love your work - especially your landscapes and textured pieces. Keep it up! and keep smiling :) x x

Anonymous said...

can't answer this in a short comment but if we meet up soon I have loads to say on this matter!!! so remind me - and arrange a date for a cuppa!


I know how you feel, isn't it funny how everyone is the same. I wish I had some magic statement to sum it all up for you!!

good luck with the search for the answer

Anonymous said...

Hi hun, it cos we're all so multi-talented, I describe myself as a designer maker, closest thing I could come to cover all bases, I make clothes, textile art, design surface patterns for paper and fabrics, its hard, but def don't pidgeon hole yourself, you're too talented :o) xxb

Anonymous said...

Good to see you're so busy and inspired. That course sounds like the sort of thing I need to do. "Designer Maker" is a good general term, I struggle with calling myself an "artist" and especially "Textile Artist"( because people don't understand) but thats just a matter of lack of self confidence!Anyway, its all looking good x