Thursday, 17 June 2010

production line

In order to try and save myself a bit of time, I'm trying to make my textile pieces in a 'sort-of' production line. I delved into the huge box of textiles I have accumulated in my studio (a throw-back to when my sister and I were going to start and make bags and cleared out an interiors shop of all their old sample books!!). It's full to the brim of all sorts of shapes, sizes and colours of material, that were once sorted into colours, and now are all jumbled. It does need sorting out and maybe some bits need throwing away (as much as I hate to say it).
Anyhoo, I digress... I found a lot of greens so decided to make use of them and I'm making a series of 'Summer Meadows' which may be finished by the end of the weekend. I'll share them with you when they are done, but this is a sneak peek into how they began...

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