Sunday, 6 June 2010

studio changeover

this is what my studio looked like this morning before my sister put an idea into my head and made me think about working in a dark corner, and knowing that the layout of my studio just wasn't quite right..... soooo..... four hours later.....

This is what it looks like now, all changed, all by myself, and now I ache all over!! But on the plus side I now have my work area in a lighter part of the studio and I'm not stuck in the corner!!

It still isn't 100% how I want it, I have too much furniture (one wicker chair for sale on ebay now if you fancy a look) and too little storage space. But it it LOADS better than it was and I can start afresh this week and get some new work made! Hope you all had as good a weekend as I did...

1 comment:

Design Engine said...

Hey. The layout looks good. Sofa looks very cosy at that end. Can't wait to hear if the new desk location is working for you.
Thanks for a fab weekend.