Saturday, 31 July 2010


I have made a decision about my work..... drum roll please..... moment of revelation imminent!!

I have been having a HUGE dilemma about the direction and style of my work lately and thinking about how I can realistically go in two completely different directions with my black and white illustrations and prints and my textile landscapes, with them both being so very different. I have spoken to several people about this over the last few weeks and I have decided to concentrate on my illustrations for now, as by general consensus, this seems to be my stronger work.

I do love doing both, but feel if I really want to give one of them a good chance I should concentrate on one at a time rather than a mish-mash of both, develop some new ideas, and see where this takes me..... and maybe in the near future I might see how I can try to 'fuse' them both together in some way.

So there you have. I have made a decision.... watch this space.....

Friday, 30 July 2010

by chance 2

and this is the second one of my 'happily accidental' new pieces that kind of took me by surprise. I was working on new 'heathery' colours (as I was due to try out my new pinks and purple wools I had been given). This one reminds me of a dawn/dusk heathery moorland, quite moody and atmospheric. I was using some of my textile paints on wet fabric and they all kind of merged together and it just happened!! I hope you like it!!

Thursday, 29 July 2010

by chance

it was purely by chance that this new piece of work came about. I was up in the studio about 6 weeks ago splashing around with some textile paints and trying to come up with some new backgrounds for my wool landscapes. They were just colour experiments which I popped up on my notice board and when my sister saw them she thought I should get a couple of them framed. I was a bit apprehensive really as they weren't even meant to see the light of day, but I picked my two faves and got them framed and here is the bigger one. It isn't a brill photo but you get the general idea... I'll show you the other one tomorrow.... don't you just love it when something works when you just didn't expect it!!

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

been in my mind a while

after my week away in france i'm starting to assimilate what was said in my one-to-one mentorship sesson before I went away and I feel as though I'm getting ready for a burst of inspiration and new work, although I think I'll be sticking with my themes of my bird illustrations and also my textile work and explore the development of both. This one above has been in my mind for a while so I sketched this out in my lunch hour yesterday and did a bit more last night. Is hasn't really turned out as I thought it would so the 'in the tree' concept needs a bit more thought and work!! Watch this space people!!
Also wish me luck, I'm off to see a new gallery today to see whether they would like to stock some of my textile pieces and am also thinking of which Xmas fair I'm going to apply to this year. Keep all your fingers and toes crossed!!

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

New stockist

I'm very excited about stocking my work at a new gallery in Barnstaple in Devon. It has a gorgeous website which you have find here and a blog which you can find here. I'm flattered to have been asked to send my work there, as there are some of my favourite artists involved, including Dee Beale whose work I absolutely love. I wish Tracey all the best with the venture and wish her very success.

Saturday, 17 July 2010

lots to think about

Yesterdays mentoring session was BRILLIANT!! It had given me lots and lots to think about, about my work, what I want, where I want it to go, and how I'm going to do it. I have a huge 'to-do' list which I'm going to tackle very soon but for now I'm just going to mull over some thoughts and will let you know what the outcome is. Very exciting stuff!!
This work above is what I've been playing around with and experimenting on in the studio this week. It's a new take on my textile landscapes, and it's a winter scene, from my holiday in Northumberland in Febuary this year. It's just a trial and error thing really to see how I can get the right kind of effects with the stitches and fabrics. Its good to try something a bit different!!

Friday, 16 July 2010

new landscapes at last

At last I have had some time in the studio to make some new work!! The scenery is changing around here as 'summer' passes, and everything seems to be changing from green to gold as the crops ripen and I'm trying to capture this in my work. I spent most of yesterday playing around with some new textile pieces and was quie pleased with the outcome, although I do feel as though I'm going over a lot of old ideas and feel I need a newer direction and want to try something new. I may have to have a think over the next few weeks and come up with a new project or challenge for myself for the summer.
This afternoon I have a one-to-one mentoring session with the lady who is running my Notts Creative course, and I'm really looking forward to it, although I'm having a few feelings of trepidation as I've never done anything like this before so I don't really know what to expect.

Sunday, 11 July 2010

at least someone is busy

this just snapped in my garden on a balmy sunday evening after a perfect weekend away in the caravan with hubby and dog!! Yes, we have been away again, and it may be said we are turning into gypsies, never in one place too long, and hardly ever at home at the moment!! But it's great, we do feel slightly guilty at neglecting our gorgeous garden, but it seems to be doing just fine on it's own, and it's keeping the bees busy!!
Talking of being busy, I did gaze into the studio today and thought about how long it was since I was in there being busy, life just seems to have got in the way recently and I haven't made any new work for about four weeks. This realisation made me feel a little bit guilty. I spent my only day in there last week packing up orders and printing off work, which, even though this is a big part of a creative business, it is something that needs to be done, as well as all the creative stuff!! I have two days ear-marked for studio work this week, and I also have my first one-to-one mentoring session for the course I'm on. Looking forward to this very much, I'm hoping that it will give me some direction, and I think I've been lacking in that department for a while now!!

Thursday, 8 July 2010

art de jardin sculpture exhibition

Last weekend we went camping to Rutland. It's only an hour away and it is somewhere we haven't been before, so we thought we would give it a try. The campsite was fab with its own Farm Shop and Cafe and we had a great time just chilling out in the sun. While we were out exploring on Saturday I picked up a leaflet for a sculpture exhibition in the village of Wing, where we were based, so I decided to take a peek.... and what a pleasant surprise. The scuplture exhibition was set in an amazing garden, full of flowers, water features and fountains, meadows and woodland and there were some amazing sculptures to be seen... everything from wood, metal, wicker, ceramic, glass, it is really worth a visit. You can find out more here.. I found the visit really inspiring but I just haven't had time to do anything with my ideas. Today has been spent packing up orders for galleries, printing new prints and cards, and generally trying to be a bit more organised!!

Monday, 5 July 2010

hello there!!

well hello my lovelies, i'm back after being away a little longer than expected, not due to me getting lost at Glasto but due to my computer being a bit poorly and having to go and get fixed!! I had a great time on my first Glastonbury adventure, being all brave and towing my caravan ALL the way there and ALL the way back, and also enjoying some fab music, great atmosphere with my friends and amazing weather and sights!! SO I have a lot of catching up to do with 'sooziebee' and I think I'm going to be very busy over the next few months!!