Wednesday, 28 July 2010

been in my mind a while

after my week away in france i'm starting to assimilate what was said in my one-to-one mentorship sesson before I went away and I feel as though I'm getting ready for a burst of inspiration and new work, although I think I'll be sticking with my themes of my bird illustrations and also my textile work and explore the development of both. This one above has been in my mind for a while so I sketched this out in my lunch hour yesterday and did a bit more last night. Is hasn't really turned out as I thought it would so the 'in the tree' concept needs a bit more thought and work!! Watch this space people!!
Also wish me luck, I'm off to see a new gallery today to see whether they would like to stock some of my textile pieces and am also thinking of which Xmas fair I'm going to apply to this year. Keep all your fingers and toes crossed!!

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