Saturday, 31 July 2010


I have made a decision about my work..... drum roll please..... moment of revelation imminent!!

I have been having a HUGE dilemma about the direction and style of my work lately and thinking about how I can realistically go in two completely different directions with my black and white illustrations and prints and my textile landscapes, with them both being so very different. I have spoken to several people about this over the last few weeks and I have decided to concentrate on my illustrations for now, as by general consensus, this seems to be my stronger work.

I do love doing both, but feel if I really want to give one of them a good chance I should concentrate on one at a time rather than a mish-mash of both, develop some new ideas, and see where this takes me..... and maybe in the near future I might see how I can try to 'fuse' them both together in some way.

So there you have. I have made a decision.... watch this space.....

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Gillian said...

It's great to see how fired up you are these days. Both your directions are excellent and maybe it would be good to concentrate on one line for a while. Maybe do the textile work when you hit a blank period - happens to me all the time!