Tuesday, 3 August 2010

rosie lee

I think I showed you this picture ages ago when it was in it's baby stages and I finished it off last night as i was at a bit of a loose end. Hopefully there will be a lot more where this has come from as I'm concentrating on my ink illustrations and drawing for a while now and want to get a collection of quirky kitchen pics together that I can maybe take to show potential new stockists. I have three days this week and next to work purely in the studio so hopefully I will have lots of new work to show you. And I hope to visit my August 'to-do' list on Thursday and kick it's butt into oblivion!! We are having a much-needed weekend at home so i'll be spending plenty of time in the kitchen and garden, lots of inspiration very close at hand.... prepare to be astounded!!! (haha, lol, am i just setting myself up for huge disappointment now I've said that??)


averilpam said...

I love that picture - are you going to do wall art or cards, or both?

Petal Textiles said...

Its great, have you though about screen printing onto tea towels etc..

Hope you have a productive few days.