Tuesday, 14 September 2010

to be or not to (soozie)bee... that is the question!

After a lot of umming and ahhing about my 'brand' name, and wondering whether I should 'rebrand' I took the question to my Notts Creative group meeting last week and asked my colleagues what they thought about it all...... should I keep 'sooziebee' or should I go with my very own name??
To cut a long story short 'sooziebee' came from a combination of a bag company my sister and I were going to start several years ago and a cute nick-name given to me by a little boy I know. When I first started working on my art I wanted a name that would be fun and quirky, which is what it was back then, but now I think I need something more recognisable and 'just me' which is why I have been thinking of the whole rebrand idea. The general concensus of the NC2 group was that I should change it sooner rather than later, which is pretty much what I had been thinking anyway. Lots of people who meet me don't necessarily connect me and my work to 'sooziebee' as they don't really know what it is.
Ok, that ended up being a long story not being cut particlualry short but you get the gist don't you? What oh what shall I do?? Throw away all of my lovely letterheads, business cards and comp slips, my stamp and change my blog.... and go with 'sue bulmer'?? Would this work??? I just don't know!! Let me know what you think people!!


Strawberry Annies said...

oh a tricky one. I rebranded this year and it is hassle to get new everything but also a good way of letting go of things you don't like so much and fresh start.

However on whether you should change the name or not, just using your own name does sound very proffessional but I personally I prefer quirky names that are sometimes more memorable. I think just using a name can sometimes seem a little intimadating and serious.

I don't think there is a right or wrong answer, personal choice I guess but I would agree with what your group said, that if you are going to change it do it sooner rather than later.

Sorry for the essay just my thoughts Kerry


What a to do. I hope that you get sorted. Whatever you decide to do it will not alter the fab creative items you produce. Good luck x