Tuesday, 26 October 2010

beady inspiration

i took this picture the other day when I went to Louise's studio. It is a photo of one her button boxes, full of colourful beads which she uses in her work and workshops. It struck me that I never really use these kinds of colours so I thought I'd do a little photoshopping and try out a few new colour combos. Some of them are a bit too bright and gawdy for me (i'm more of an autumnal girl at heart) but I particularly like the right and left sections of three. I must find somewhere to use them.... hmm, add to jobs list!!

As for other stuff, I am in the process of finally getting some quotes for getting my bird designs printed onto tea towels. Has anyone done this before? I'm thinking I'm going to get a printing company to do all the hard work, so I can spend my time on new designs, rather than learning how to screen print without ruining all of my blank tea towels!! Hopefully this will be on step closer to getting a range of products rather than just the artwork and prints. Watch this space and I'll hopefully have some to show you soon. And on that note, I'll leave you thinking how many people you would like to buy tea towels for for Xmas!!!

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