Tuesday, 12 October 2010

new work

I have been meaning to make a series of my bird illustrations on canvasses for a while now and finally this weekend I got round to finally doing it in preparation for a Christmas Exhibition I'm taking part in. I tried one in paint and one in just ink, and I think the ink one turned out best. This is a variation on 'Falling' and I haven't thought of a name for it yet... any ideas?

As for other stuff, I really need to get focussed and decide how I want to develop the business over the next six months or so. I am swinging between several different ideas at the moment, and just don't know which way to try and take things. The Creative Business course I'm on has helped me make some biggish decisions which I had been mulling over for a while (ie which type of work to concentrate on and also the big rebrand dilemma) so now I feel I need to knuckle down, and try to spend my studio days actually IN the studio and not racing around catching up with life. I think I've said before I do get quite easily distracted by t'internet, emails, dog-walking, cooking and chatting on my days at home. Well, no longer, I'm going to try a be less of a procrastinator and more of a do-er (or whatever the opposite of procrastination is!!)

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really like your work