Monday, 1 November 2010

feeling creative

I think I've cracked it... the secret to having a stress-free creative day (and you think in my 39 years I might have realised this before now!!)... going to bed early and getting up early. I know.. it's not rocket science at all, but usually on my 'not-working-in-my-proper-job' days I have a bit of a lie-in until about 8.30ish and then rush around walking the dog, sorting tea, tidying up the studio before I can even think about working. Today I got up an hour earlier (my usual getting up time) and it's amazing how much I have got done.
Whilst I was out walking Mac this morning I got a rush of autumnal inspiration and, spurred on by my weekend away to the Yorkshire Dales, I got out my fabric paints when I got home and decided it was time for some autumn landscapes. The results you can see, all over the studio floor, drying out at the moment. I think you sometimes have to do what you feel, rather than what your to-do list dictates, so today I binned the ink illustrations and tea-towel designs in favour of following my heart. Try it!!

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Kat said...

It really is amazing when you get an early start to the day. I don't do it often, but when I do I love it.