Tuesday, 16 November 2010

starting to feel festive

so i had a bit of a play around with some holly tree images, in the good old black ink stylee, just to see whether they might be worth taking a bit further and adding to my xmas card designs??
I did actually feel a bit festive today, it's been blinking freezing all day here, and some places the frost didn't even melt, it's been that cold. I had to get under the quilt in the studio to keep warm, which was fine as I was just doing sketchbook stuff, but I'm going to need to turn up the heating in there I think. As for festive feelings, I've made an effort to get organised this year, and am determined to finish all my shopping before the end of the month, so that this year December can be a bit more relaxed and less stressful. My day job gets sooo manic that it will be well worth it... also I might even have some time to work on some new designs and get my tea towels printed and marketed.

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