Tuesday, 9 November 2010

that's better

a little re-jig and i'm happier with this 1950's tea and coffee-pot design today. Maybe this will make it into the Shop.... if we ever get any decent photography weather!!
I don't know what it's like where you are but it's really depressing and grey here, I've even had to de-camp to the house as it's just so bloody cold. It's days like today when I wished we had kept the idea of putting a log-burner in the studio. I think I'm going to go and lock up now, snuggle up in one of my blankets on the soaf and read. I've done some work so am quite happy with my efforts today... hmm, the more i think about it the more appealing it's becoming. I'm on the second Stieg Larsson book of the Millenium series, and it's calling me.... bye for now!!