Wednesday, 1 December 2010


this started as a doodle on Sunday and i've been working on it since then. I've finished it today. The weather here is awful, I went to work today to a different pharmacy nearer to where I live, but had to close early and come home due to the snow. It looks beautiful outside but it's a real pain in the arse when you never know whether you are going to be able to get to work, and even worse whether you will be able to get back home without getting stuck or crashing your car!! Please make it stop!! The novelty has well-and-truly worn off now!!


craftyjemima said...

Beautiful doodle!! I love it. I think we've had the best of the snow. Mountains are covered so it's really pretty here but all roads are clear so minimum disruption. :)

Design Engine said...

this is gorgeous girlie! Love it.
Hope you get to work ok today.
Its been snowing AGAIN here last night. Will it ever stop?

Karen Faulkner said...

Oh my! Have been following you weather trials on Facebook...sounds treacherous! I'd call this more than a doodle, it's great!